“There is no such thing as inaccuracy in a photograph. All photographs are accurate. None of them is truth”. ~ Richard Avedon

The blog portion of this site is a continual documentation of my life intermingled with bits of inspiration and wonderings of daily happenings, concert reviews for the Denver Reverb Blog and bits of  information I find relevant and poignant toward my passions which inevitably influence my photography.

An overview of my photography and how I approach my work; Much of my subject matter alludes to the separation of gender and sex; challenging societal categories often exploding or minimizing the individual experiences of women.I strive to disrupt the gender binary and division of masculinity and femininity in accordance with sex categories. I want to bring light to the epidemic of violence against women and girls, or at least bring a moment of hope to anyone struggling with pressures to identify with ideological box; thus striving to reinvent the term, ‘tolerance’ into acceptance and building equality in difference.

A mixture of fear and curiosity fuels me to investigate and evoke feelings of uneasiness until fear of the unknown is confronted. My imagery is sparked from my intensely visual dreams, extreme lighting (as the concerts I shoot provide) as well as current events, social gender constructs and past experiences. However, I would like to make clear, that with all this intention, that my photography, like art in general, is really what the viewer perceives not just only what I intend going into a project. What you get out of an image is up to the artist to lead you to. There is an unexplainable urge that I must keep inventing and making work, my heart and body can not stop only evolve with this incredible medium.

Enjoy, comment and spread love.