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Hiking Up ‘Veliekayra’ for Our Girl

Draws in Sand

She drew hearts and love in the sand; her dad was too busy to look at them when she finished.

Found Photographs, Portrait of Wendy

I found this hiding amidst the plethora of black-and-white scans. I am newly excited to dig through all my old negatives and get back to the foundations in which I fell in love with photography. I believe this was shot in 2005 in the backyard of the “Rainbow House”…

Planned Plasticity

“Whatever is in any sort terrible, or is conversant about terrible objects, or operates in a manner analogous to terror, is a source of the sublime. That is, it is productive of the strongest emotion which the mind is capable of feeling.” Edward Burke

Extrusive Time

Poignant thoughts on photography & mortality, vanitas, frozen time, extrusive time and still time…

“Just as there is no real nature in painting, so there is no real death: everything takes place, right from the outset, in a totally linguistic dimension, which justifies the oxymoron and makes it acceptable and appealing. In photography, all this does not happen… the life presented is authentic and its death is therefore, in a sense, equally authentic.” ~ Italian Critic, Claudio Marra

Gary Schneider project, “Heads” a good example of extrusive time http://www.garyschneider.net/Portfolio.cfm?nK=8950

Another example of extrusive time is Francesca Woodman’s self portrait series taken in abandoned houses in the mid-1970s: http://www.studiointernational.co.uk/photo/woodman.asp
“Woodman’s ghostly presence as she seems suspended across a barrier between life and death is in fact a refusal of photography’s particular capacity to fix its subjects in time and space… Her reintroduction of time to the photograph is a kind of resistance to the death implied in photography’s fixing of time and space.” ~ British photography professor Chris Townsend writes in Woodman’s eponymous retrospective,



Self-portrait October 2010.

Drunk Culture

This stood proudly on a local bar’s table

Portrait: Cassandra

romancing the morning