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My Very First Wedding Shoot

Valerie June

Kaylie Hushka my Baboushka

This is an ode, a small piece of remembrance or rather a renewing of my gratitude for being a close friend of one of the most witty, beautiful and unapologetic woman in the universe. Kaylie Hushka. Kaylie was first and foremost one with great integrity. She has taught me to embrace my spirit and surround myself with those who embrace me too. The person and soul that encompassed her was inspired.


Kaylie and Vera. thank you. Thank you for being my home away from home. My soul sisters. Love B.

Sea Salt Therapy


Found Photographs, Portrait of Wendy

I found this hiding amidst the plethora of black-and-white scans. I am newly excited to dig through all my old negatives and get back to the foundations in which I fell in love with photography. I believe this was shot in 2005 in the backyard of the “Rainbow House”…


The Portraits, Lynnette