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Leveling Slash Sharpening

Disco Owl


Self-portrait October 2010.

Portrait: Cassandra

Back To San Francisco

After a few years I traveled back to San Francisco in the summer of 2007 with my fellow photographer friend, Rachael.

It was strange to go back to a place I spent a year studying and trying to come into my own as an artist. Here is Rachael in Belden Alley.

I love the colors, the setting, the vintage look and feeling of a place that was once my home.

Perspective: My Vision


I feel I am at my best photographing a subject exactly the way I had originally envisioned it, thus creating an object of visual resistance against a rigidly categorized world. I incorporate my passion for gender issues particular to female sexuality and identity through photography. I am aiming to disrupt the gender binary and the division of masculinity and femininity in accordance with sex categories. Ultimately bringing light to the epidemic of violence against women and girls, as well as widening the space for dialogue surrounding the multitude of violent events that seem to fall on deaf ears. I want to heighten tolerance into acceptance through curiosity, education, understanding, and therefore build equality within difference.