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Porto Fino, Italy

Speeding through the ocean in Porto Fino, Italy was the highlight of this trip for me! If I were to be anywhere for the rest of my life besides lovely Colorado, it’d be here.

Got to let it go. Let it out no matter how hard. 

My Omi

My Omi is battling cancer and I am putting this out there to manifest a full recovery to her and release of pain. I love her so much. She has given me so many gifts and exposed me to new talents. She has always fought for me and supported me in every way someone can be supported. I bring love and hope to her now. This photo was taken in 2005 on a trip with the whole family to Vail during an exceptionally hard time for me, I was about 20 and battling severe anxiety after moving back from art school in San Francisco. Omi, Cass and I drove up together and I had an amazing time in the mountains. … I love you, Omi

Vintage Ladies

Street Side

My internal puppy-clock is ticking loudly.

Oldie But Goodie

Meet Matilda, the newest camera I’m playing around with…

Splitting Reality

Hiking Up ‘Veliekayra’ for Our Girl

Sea Salt Therapy


Late Nights