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Dr. Dog @ The Boulder Theater 10.9.12

Tennis, Paper Bird @ Chautauqua Auditorium 6.16.12

Check out the full review and photos at Hey Reverb. Women, rock.

My Omi

My Omi is battling cancer and I am putting this out there to manifest a full recovery to her and release of pain. I love her so much. She has given me so many gifts and exposed me to new talents. She has always fought for me and supported me in every way someone can be supported. I bring love and hope to her now. This photo was taken in 2005 on a trip with the whole family to Vail during an exceptionally hard time for me, I was about 20 and battling severe anxiety after moving back from art school in San Francisco. Omi, Cass and I drove up together and I had an amazing time in the mountains. … I love you, Omi

Vulnerability is the Source of Your Creativity & Love

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability


When you need reminding. Be kind to yourself. Be seen. Be vulnerable and feel it through.


Ingrid Michaelson @ The Boulder Theatre 4.19.12

Hey Reverb, is where you can find more images and write up of this sweet little show. She is a funny woman, I really enjoyed her storytelling; a humble and talented soul!

Californian Inspiration

My Very First Wedding Shoot

What Inspires you?


Who did you love today? What did you learn?

Hiking Up ‘Veliekayra’ for Our Girl

Kaylie Hushka my Baboushka

This is an ode, a small piece of remembrance or rather a renewing of my gratitude for being a close friend of one of the most witty, beautiful and unapologetic woman in the universe. Kaylie Hushka. Kaylie was first and foremost one with great integrity. She has taught me to embrace my spirit and surround myself with those who embrace me too. The person and soul that encompassed her was inspired.


Kaylie and Vera. thank you. Thank you for being my home away from home. My soul sisters. Love B.